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Structural Engineer, MSc.

Engin is experienced in design and evaluation of reinforced concrete, steel, masonry, and wooden structures. His specialties include high-rise building design, performance-based design, non-linear methods, and assessment & retrofit of existing structures. He develops software in the field of automation and visualization.

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Engin has graduated from Middle East Technical University in June 2015, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering. In the course of the four-year Civil Engineering program at METU, he has worked diligently to increase his understanding and mastery of the field through the study of Engineering. Through this program, his interest in the vast range of subjects in Civil Engineering channeled down to Structural Engineering.

He started work at Prota Engineering as a structural design engineer in October 2015. During his time at Prota Engineering, he has worked on many projects, including airport structures, high-speed train stations, commuter railways, and industrial plants. His role in these projects was focused mostly on the design of steel structures and structural connections.

He started Earthquake Engineering Master Program at METU in 2017. Within the scope of his thesis, he designed a high-rise building per TBDY 2018. He examined the effect of vertical ground motions of different characteristics on tall buildings with a non-linear time history analysis.

He started to work as a structural design engineer at ARUP in 2017. During his time working there, he took part in many international projects. Thanks to the hotel projects he has done, he has increased his experience in reinforced concrete and steel structure design. In addition to these, he developed himself in the design of underground structures by completing metro projects. He also worked on many seismic assessment projects, specializing in seismic assessment of reinforced concrete, wooden, and masonry structures and strengthening the inadequate structures.

In addition to his design duties at ARUP, he has produced various software to be used in projects as a part of the digital team. With this team, he has improved himself in automation, parametric design, visualization, and machine learning.

He took his place among the founding partners of E2K Engineering & Consultancy in 2021.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+90 212 982 7549

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